OST for "La migala" (shortfilm), directed by Jaime Dezcallar

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OST "El Ogro" (shortfilm) directed by Jaime Dezcallar

OST for "El Padre" directed by Luis Sanromán

Music and sound fx for "Alegoria" (shortfilm) by Luis San Román

OST for "Jesusito de mi vida" (shortfilm) directed by Jesús Pérez-Miranda

Music works for film and big stages until 2011

Music for "Miedo" (shortfilm) by Luis San Román

Music for theatre. "El lloc equivocat" directed by Jordi Duran.

OST "Passaport al Marroc" (feature film) directed by Sergi Cervera

Original music for street show by Efímer Cia.

Flamenco piece introducing Shakira's "Gitana" tour, choreographed by Maite Marcos

Original music for David Maroto's photo report

Flamenco music composed and performed for Octubre Teatral "El Llanto".

Piece composed and performed with Ravid Goldshmidt

Original music for Trafalgar13 soundtrack for "LMN's" tv series